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Power Feedback

Today was the second time I have shown my Power artifact to a lecturer and both times feedback was very positive. They both felt that the film fitted the criteria perfectly and that i did a very good job of … Continue reading

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Nocturnal 2

Today me and Wil discussed the conflict that may take place in the film, we decided that which ever company or organisation was providing the ‘pill’ that ensures people no longer need to sleep is actually repressing the human race, … Continue reading

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THE Red Planet

This film will be a science fiction movie based on Mars, the planet is in the final days of a  war and most of the population has been driven underground. This causes many conflict between the refugees. The film will … Continue reading

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Nocturnal 1

This is an idea that myself and good friend Wil Henry ( came up with for our first feature film, the premise of which is that sleep is no longer needed. The human race can now live without sleep, this allows … Continue reading

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Professional practice portfolio introduction.

Today (16/10/13) I was introduced to the 364 project, creating my Professional Practice Portfolio. This involves me researching and gaining experience in a chosen field of media and cataloging all that I find out and learn. My chosen career path … Continue reading

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Why I do what I do

I got into film making as it combined the creative with the academic, yes its true that all genres have their own codes and conventions and a set of rules to follow, but at the same time each film is … Continue reading

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