13/11/12 Essay Writing (notes)

  • Memory and emotion
  • Understand the function and use of memory
  • Understanding roles emotions play on preserving memory
  • Memory is linked to reminiscing
  • Personal and collective memory
  • Social and cultural constructs sustain memories
  • Memory changes your perception
  • Collective memory – structuring social reality
  • Genealogy of morality
  • Second essay – Guilt, bad conscience and related manners
  • ‘Social straight jacket’
  • Morality – questioning nature itself
  • Sustained through herd instinct
  • Eternal recurrence, self-policing, measurement and accountability
  • Eternal return of the same
  • Time is cyclical, not linear
  • Origin is lost
  • Eternal reoccurrence – gender theory
  • Shaping behaviour and increasing value on responsibility

About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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