Analysis (Power) (For Submission

After looking back over the methods that I used to make my film, I believe that while the methods and software I used may not have been the most conventional, I am happy with the result.

To record the voice I used my own Canon 5D mark 2 and simply separated the audio from the visuals, I then added both a high and low pitch filter onto each clip to ensure that I got the crispiest sounds quality possible. Once I had the audio finished, I then needed to focus on the visuals. I knew that I wanted to have the words of each suicide note on screen, but I didn’t just want a simple, scrolling text effect. I wanted to make it appear as real as possible, meaning that I would have to either write each one myself, or find a font that looked like handwriting. I decided to use a specific font as it meant that I could also choose a specific style of ‘paper’ too.

I knew that the best software to use would be either Photoshop or possibly Adobe After effect, however since I’m not completely confident with either of those pieces of software, so I chose to use Microsoft Word. This is because I had already created something similar in Microsoft word before and I was confident that Microsoft word had everything I needed to get the design I was after. After finding the perfect set of Fonts I could use to ensure that each suicide notes looked different and finding the backgrounds or ‘paper’ I was happy with, I then exported the picture into Adobe Premier. I then synced up each Picture with the audio I had already edited, thus ensuring that my audience had both audio and visuals to focus on. Once I had done that I looked back over my film and I felt that it was missing something, I felt that the visuals needed some movment as oppose to be having just a stationary image. So I decided to zoom in onto the image and, by using key frames, panned across the text as the narrator spoke them. This made my artefact complete and something that I could be proud of.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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