Analysis (spectacle)

With regards to the techniques I used to make my spectacle artefact, while easy, they were very time consuming and monotonous.

Once again I used my Canon 5D to record the visuals, this my not have been the best camera as its size and weight made it difficult to perform hand held shots and get the stability that I required. I also wish that I had used a separate person to hold the mobile phone in front of the camera, while this would have made it difficult to walk around the house, and may have extended the filming process. It probably would have meant that the mobile phone would have remained central on screen, making the editing process a lot easier. For the audio I had two option, because of the simplicity of what I wanted I knew that there would be websites in which I would be able to download radio static for free, alternatively I could simply record a radio or television between stations to get the same effect. I chose to download the sound from a website as it required less effort and would create the same effect. Once the production stage was over I transferred all images straight to Adobe After Effects, due to the masking method I was going to use I knew Adobe Premier would not be needed. First I placed the video clip into the timeline, and using the masking tool, drew around my mobile phone as best I could, and used the corner reference points to changed the masked shape to fit my phone perfectly.

I then went through each frame and using key frames I change the position of the four reference points to continuously follow the outline of my phone as it changed position on screen. Considering that I shot in 24 frames per second, and I had to move the masked shape each time my phone moved even slightly, this was an incredibly long process. Taking me two days to do only 30 second of footage. At this point I was getting very discouraged by the entire project and could feel myself resenting my phone more and more. To inspire me to continue with the project and not begin to pull what little hair I have left out. I put a second image below the masked image, made it blurry, and then watched my film back. this would show me a shorter version of what my finished project would look like once it was finished.

This method worked as I believed it looked very good and it showed me all the effort I had put into the project was worth while, it also showed me that I would have to ‘feather’ the outside of the masked area to ensure it didn’t look too rigid and blunt. With all this in mind I continued working on masking around my phone until I was happy with the length of the video. And after exporting it into Premier to add the audio I had downloaded I began rendering and exporting the film. Due to amount of masking I had used, This was an overnight job.

Once I looked back over the artefact the following morning, and was extremely please with the final project, however It took my another day before I stopped hating my phone.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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