Analysis (Memory)

The production process for this artefact was the longest out of all three productions. This was because I had a lot of volunteers for the experiment and each participants took different amounts of time to get from one end of the house the other. The quickest was around two and half minutes with the longest over 6 minutes, and with a total footage length of around 30 minutes. While not considered a lot on some short films, having to shorten the 30 minutes into 1-3 minutes, I knew would be a very difficult task.

At first I tried my initial idea of having only certain parts of each walk displayed on screen, (beginning/middle/end) however this still made the film too long. (10 minutes) I then understood that I would have to sacrifice a lot of footage from the walks to make it fit inside the 1-3 minute requirement.  So I decided to have all the participants to complete separate stages of the ‘course’ for example the first person on screen would begin the course, then I would cut to somebody else doing the next part and so on and so on. This create a continuity problem as while I understood that each person would walk at a difference pace and in a different style, I wanted to try and match each person’s movements as best as I could, to ensure that the cuts didn’t disorientate the audience and make them feel uncomfortable. This problem was soon overcome by using objects on screen such as door frames or stairs, as reference points for where a person was in order to successfully cut to the next person. Once I had completed this process I could choose what style of audio I wanted, as the feel created a more comedic feel to it due the participants actions and movements. I felt comfortable choosing a more upbeat and elevating music, I chose to use royalty free music that I found on a website, the reason for the music I chose was partly because it was called ‘moving forward’ (very appropriate I felt) but also because it reminded me of the Mario Brothers soundtrack.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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