Process & Development (Memory)

The third and final subject that student were asked to create an artefact for was memory. Compared to Spectacle and Power this subject was much easier for me to both understand and create an idea for the artefact itself, this is because my main idea for my FMP was related to memory and therefore I had already done a small amount of research into how memory might affect people.

Our first lecture on Memory I felt was far more easier to understand that out previous lectures as I could relate to it much more. We discussed how no two memories are the same and that modern technology has changed the way we use memory. We no longer have to remember facts such as phone numbers or birthdays as we are able to store them in our mobile phones. We also discussed how over time memories decay and become un-reliable, this is something that greatly related to my FMP as it relies on the fact that a blind man may not remember perfectly scenes from his childhood and he may over fantasies them in a nostalgic fashion. Someone we looked into was Tom Hussey, a photographer who used memory as a subject, his photo’s use the relationship between old people and the memory of their younger selves as a way to show the power and importance that memories have to the individual person.

We also discussed how no two memories are the same, even if two people are at the same incident, experience the same event, their perspectives will be completely different, and therefore so will their memories. What was very intriguing to me was the possibility to plant false memories into someone. A way that this could happen is if a person see a picture or video from when they were a child, they may not remember the incident directly. But thanks to the picture/video their mind may recreate the event inside their head and convince the person that this is in fact a memory.

Since my FMP focuses on past memories and how they may decay over time, I wanted to see if it was possible for people to forget something that they do everyday if I take one of their senses away, in this instance, their sight. To do this IU had to find a group of people, all of whom did the same or at the very least a similar thing every day. I Decided to ask my house mates to walk from one end of the house to the other, blindfolded. I was hoping that this would show that a memory is flawed and imperfect.
Hussey,T. Reflections of the past, (Socialphy)[image online] Available through:


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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