Research (Memory)

In contrast to both the spectacle artefact and the power, Memory is something that a lot of people have researched into, perhaps this is because it is something we do not yet completely understand or perhaps because so many people find it so fascinating. Either way research was easy to come by, taking into account that both my memory artefact and FMP link blindness and memory. I had to research both topics and see if I could find any way to link them. Memory was a much easier topic to research, like I stated before a lot of research has gone into understanding memory better, both in terms of improving it, and how it works in the first place. Blindness however was  a more difficult topic to gain information on. While a lot research has gone into the causes of blindness and possible ways to cure it, the link between memory and blindness was not something that people had researched. considering that my question is ‘How well can a blind man remember his childhood’. This was a problem, and one that I was unsure on how to solve.

The next step in my research progress was to decide how I was going to film the artefact, there was various ways that I could be sure to capture the entire of journey of my participants. One of which was to station a number of cameras at strategic places around my house, then simply combine the footage in post production, two problems accrued to me with this tactic, the first was that I would have to make sure all cameras were filming from the very beginning. Meaning that I would have a lot of useless footage. The second problem was exactly where I was going to put each camera, I needed them to catch the action while at the same time not obstruct the participants path, And considering the participants would be blind during the experiment, I could make no guaranty on where they may walk. Alternatively I could simply follow each participant with a camera keeping enough distance to ensure that they had complete freedom of movement while at the same time keeping close enough to ensure that all action was captured. This was a much better idea in my eyes, there was an issue that since I would be obviously doing handheld shots there was a possibility that some footage may be unusable and asking participants to restart would ruin the experiment would completely ruin the concept. This was something that I would simply have to do my best to try and avoid.

Finally I had to take into consideration how I might show each person’s ‘walk’ in the final artefact. Once again there was many different approaches I could take with this, one was to simply display one after another, however I was sure that this would make the film far too long, and having them quickened would look odd and may confuse the audience. My second idea was to have certain parts from every walk displayed one after the other, for example have all the beginnings shown, then all the middle parts, then all the endings, however as I was unsure how long each participants walk would be, this was only something I could decide on once I got all footage in Premier.

Audio is also something that I would have to take into consideration after the edit, depending on the footage I include, the artefact could have a humuorous feel to it, or a more documentary/experimen vibe to it, and I would want the audio to portray that. There was also the possibility to have completely natural audio and record what each participant says as they walk around the house.

Now that I had taken into consideration everything that I needed to, I was ready to begin my experiment.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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