FMP Idea (FMP For submission)

Title – The night the lights went out/In the dark –

Pitch – An eight minute drama where a couple involuntarily relinquishes  the technology it has depended on for so long. With a unique selling point of half of the project will be only lit by candlelight and up until this point, the faces of all the characters are blurred out.

Rationale – The film hopes to approach to subject matter that people are relying more and more on technology to communicate and entertain themselves, and are avoiding real world communications and developing true emotional connections.

Context – The questions I would like to ask in my film are how dependant are we on technology in terms of communication, and is the conversation dead? In terms of similar films with regards to shooting styles and lighting I will be using ‘Aternurm Vale’, a (Richard Davies 2013). For most of the film, it is lit by a flood light and reflectors alongside candles, as my film revolves around a power cut, this will give my film the type of look I am going for. Another film I want to emulate is ‘Change’ (Jay Rodriguez 2009. This is a short montage film of around 3 minutes in length shot in a montage style. As the first half my film needs to span over a set number of years I will be using a montage style to portray this.

Distribution –

Plan/Schedule –
11/01/13 film presentation
16/01/13 presentation
01/02/13 finish Pre production

Supporting creative artefact – My supporting artefact will be an attempt to shoot a scene in the dark, using only candles and possibly a flood light, this is to see any complications that I may encounter during both filming and editing.

Conclusion – I believe that this project is going to be a success as it revolves around a single main location and only two actors, The only issue I may have is with the script as I want the attitude and priorities of the different characters to come through in the words they use. Another reason I am confident in this project is that the crew that I have recruited to help me with the project, all have a lot of relevance in their respective field.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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