Insperation (FMP Submission

Something else that inspired this film is a real life event that happened in my own house not so long ago. It all started when the internet went down in every single part of the house. As the wave of realisation spread through the house, more and more housemates were leaving their room to try and find the source of the horrific incident, I have seen fire alarms get less of a reaction. As each new person entered the communal area, each asking the same question, ‘What has happened to the internet’, we became more and more clustered, wandering around the house like lost chicken, all of us attempting to restore life to its former glory. Some of us wanted to do research for our chosen courses, some of us just wanted to watch cat videos on youtube and some of us were missing the football on Iplayer, but one thing we all had in common seemed to be that we were a shell of our former selves without the great and powerful internet. As each long moment past, one by one we became resigned to the communal area, a first in sad defeat, but then we began talking, and laughing, and finding other ways to entertain ourselves through real life human interactivity. Well into the night we all stayed up, discussing things that were never discussed before, learning things about each other that we thought were never possible. After many hours of fun and laughter, we eventually all went to bed. The next day the internet was fixed, and the joys and horrors of that night are now just a distant memory, never to be repeated again, because as much fun as we all had, we were all relieved to have our internet back.



About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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