Presentation Script (FMP For submission)

Presentation script

Skype Ring Tone

Hello, and welcome to my presentation, now, as media professionals we rely on technology for our careers, not just in the film making progress but also with marketing and networking.

And due to lack of time, and a quicker pace of life, we now rely on technology for our personal entertainment,  games consoles, DVD’s and mobile phone apps  are just a few examples. Even reading has been dragged into the 21st century.

But how much do we rely on technology in our relationships, with such things as skype, facebook and BBM there are more ways than ever to stay in contact with your loved one no matter how far apart they are from you.

Walks out of skype chat
Walks onto screen

But its not just keeping a relationship alive that we use technology for, what about finding love in the first place, as of 2011 the UK online dating Market was estimated to be worth £150 milliion pounds with 17% of UK couples who have recently married having met online in the first place and 80% of people saying that they know someone who’s has found love online.

My film will be an  8-10 minute drama film in which a power cut causes a couple to involuntarily relinquish the technology that it has depended on for so long. With a unique selling point that around half my film will only be lit by candlelight, or at least use lighting to create that effect.

here is a test shoot of me attempting this effect.

The question I hope my films asks is whether or not conversation is dead, and do we develop  more of an emotional connection to our gadgets and toys then we do real people.

A film that I have looked at in terms of inspiration is a student film ‘Aternurm Vale’ directed by Richard Davies, similar to my own, a large part of this film was shot with the impression that it was only lit by candlelight.

After some research I discovered that they a flood light and golden reflector to create the initial light source, and real candles add to the effect.

Here is a small clip of the film, and as we compare it to my test footage from ealier, we have a clearer view of the effect I was aiming for.

Another film that I have drawn from in terms of story is ‘The war of the Roses’ by Danny DeVito, in the film a wealthy couple going through a bitter divorce. throughout the film the couple argue excessively over material possessions, both attempting to get the other one to give up the house.

In terms of getting my film seen, I plan on submitting my film to three separate film festivals. The first of which is Birmingham’s 7 inch flat pack film festival. The second, London’s Crystal palace film festival and finally Nottingham’s Bang Short film festival. All of these festivals has a specialised ‘short’ or ‘student’ category and all are in the UK.

With regards to a shooting schedule I hope to have all pre production done by mid February at the very latest, and to begin filming no later than the start of March. If all goes to plan a rough cut of the film should be ready by the end of March.

Giving me plenty of time to make any changes that need to done, and in an extreme circumstance re-shoot a scene.  What I don’t want is to be rushing the editing process due to the impending deadline.

Taking everything into consideration I am confident moving forward with this project, I have assembled a good team of hardworking professionals, all of whom have experience in their respective fields

Thank you for listening.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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