Early Development

I felt that there was two ways in which I could take this project, the first being on a much grander scale, what if all power from the country was taken away and its citizens plunged into darkness with no explanation from the government, and no way of communicating with anyone that wasn’t within walking distance. Secondly I could scale it down to a single household, a couple or a family who thrive of technology as so many people do as of late. Due to budget, time frame, and the acknowledgement of my own limits, I chose the latter

It also accrued to me that with a house full of students and a real life event to base my story from, I could’ve simply asked them to partake in my film and make it about the younger generations reliance on technology. The reasons I didn’t pay this idea much thouhgt are because:

1. They all have their own courses to be working on
2. They are not very good actors
3. It seems like an easy attack on the ‘WiFi Generation’ that I am brutally aware that I am apart of.

So it came down to choosing between a couple or a family, both ideas had their merits, if I chose a family I would be able to show the different responses to a power cut from the different generations and how each member of the family had their own personal reasons for wanting to get back online. If I chose to make my film revolve around a young couple then I could relate more to the characters making them easier to develop and write a script for.

More reasoning and thought will have to go into this before I move forward


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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