Finding actors

As always my first point of call when attempting to find actors is to use ones I have already worked with (as long as they fit the character). This creates a sense of loyalty, a familiarity in style and strong friends as well. So i contacted a previous actor and told him about the project and awaited his reply. Having no female actress who, in my eyes, fitted with the characters biography so to speak, I had to find a brand new one.

The Website I immediately go to is this website is astonishingly hit and miss, I have had great success with it, and horrible results from it. At the moment I have around a 50 percent success rate with it, and I am hoping that this project will sway in the favor of positive results, I decided to also put a casting call for the male role, just in case the actor I had used in the past was unavailable. Below is the casting call I placed on the website

As always within the week I got responses from hopeful actors and actresses, responses has never be starnow’s problem, it is the reliability of the people who apply for the roles that is the determining factor. With this in mind I replied to all the applicants with a simple message describing the role they were applying for in more detail, and telling the rough dates that I would be shooting. This often weeds out anybody who is unavailable, or who does not check their messages often enough, or who are not truly interested in the role. For all those that replied I sent them a draft script, as this film would revolve around a couple, and couple’s kiss (I did research) I wanted to make sure that everyone involved knew what would be expected of them. After searching through their past experience and overall responses to my messages, I was able to find both a male and female actor that I was pleased with. (The actor I first contacted was unable to get back to me in time due to technology issues, more on that later)

Below is their Star now profiles.




About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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