Looking back over this project I feel that it has been a success, not just in terms of the assignment brief, but also in challenging me as a director. With each project I like to do one thing that I have little to no experience in. whether that be a extra long film that has multiple stories, or a film that is entirely made through after effects, for this one, it was the lighting. Lighting has never really taken priority in any of my films before, partly due to lack of equipment knowledge and partly due to not feeling like I needed it for the scene. But for this one, I certainly needed it. At first I thought I would be able to light it with nothing but candles, but after taking some test shot I discovered that the amount of candles that I would need would be a very large fire hazard. Other parts of the film that I enjoyed working on was the pre-production for this project and creating the characters for it. Having never created characters such as these before, people who are this obsessed with technology to the point of using the phrases ‘Hashtag’ and ‘LOL’. Are people I tend to mock and avoid, having to actually create a character profile that I knew I wouldn’t like as a person was a very interesting experience for me.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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