I began post-production the same way I always do, by going through eac and every clip and labeling them according to what they hold, this saves me a lot of time during the editing stage and allows me to group all similar shots together. It also means that each shot is fresh within my mind, and that when it comes to finding it, I simply ave to search for a key word.

croped files


Once all clips were named I began loading them into the timeline, this was a quick process as it was only supposed to be an extremely rough to give me some sort of indicator as to the length of the film, and how many clips I would need to edit further down the line. On first edit, The film was just over 10 minutes long. Once I had done this  I began editing each individual clip ensuring continuity throughout the film, while at the same time trimming any extra shots that did not need to be in there. This included the occasional extra line that did not need to be there, and gave nothing to the story. I also, manipulated the volume to ensure that it was the same volume for each clips, and while there was a lot of background noise in some of the clips, I would have to solve that problem at a later date.


Once I did this I had some people look over my film to see if they had any suggestions on how I could improve it before I moved into the third part of my editing stage. similar to my script the people I asked were both professional, and non-professional people, and all had different responses to the film. While the professional directed their creative criticism towards how the film looked and what effect I may want to use to improve it. The non professionals looked more at the chemistry between the two characters, and what parts I could remove to make the relationship more realistic. At this point, my film was around 9 minutes long Overall the response was positive, and after making some of the recommended changes I move onto the next stage of editing, the effects.


The first effect I put on every clip is the ‘Brightness & Contrast’ effect, while this effect can damage the quality of the clip, when done right it can also emphasis the shots colors. This could be used to correct any lighting mistakes made during post production, or could simply used to make the film look more professional. For me, it was mostly the latter of the two. With regards to how bright or contrasting I wanted each shot, well when it came to the date scenes I wanted the to look bright but I did not want the colours to contrast too much, I wanted the shots to ave a more natural look about them. However when looking over the shots that were lit by candle light, I found that high contrast, but a lower brightness setting suited it much better.

Below is a before and after example of what a difference the brightness and contrast effect can make

Cropped brightness and contrast beforeCropped brightness and contrast after


The hardest part of doing this was with the one shot that featured a window, while the windows were indeed boarded up, it was depressingly apparently that it was daylight. My first thought was to simply darken the shot, however the extent to which I had to darken it, left the rest of the shot completely black and the viewer would be unable to tell what was happening. to solve this problem I cut and paste the image on top of iteself, and using the crop effect I split them in two. One covering the left side where the window was, and the other covering the right side where the action was happening. Although I still had some difficulty making the two images seemingly blend into one another, I was a much better solution that showing the audience that it was in fact shot with light streaming through the window.


The next thing I wanted to do was remove the back ground noise, For this I used a different piece of adobe software ‘Audition’. While I had never used this piece of software before with the help of online videos I was able to succesfully remove the ‘hissing’ sound from tall the clips. This made a vast improvement on my film and allowed me to focus more on the visuals. After some more editing of the visuals to ensure that the film only featured the very best shots, I moved onto the typography that would be needed for the start of the film. This is how the audience would be able to see the messages that Bret and Alice were sending each other, without doing tricky over the should shots. Each message would appear on screen for long enough for the audience to see it, and each message would be typed out live on screen so that the audience would be able to read it as it was being typed, meaning that it was have to stay on screen for too long. It also made it appear a lot more realistic than having each message appear on screen in  full before being ‘sent’ to the other person. The messages had to be displayed in various forms showing the development of their relationship, I.E dating website messages will look different to text messages, which will look different from Facebook messages. The large indication being that as choice of communicative technology developed, so does their relationship.

cropped messages


Once all the message were finished, I showed the film to the same group of people as before and all of them expressed how much of an improvement I had made. Between the extra visual effect tinkering and the audio changes, I felt that the film was becoming one of my more successful experiences, despite having its own rather large pitfalls I then completed the end credits and the opening sequence. The end credits was based off those that I had seen so many times from feature films where the characters and crew positions were listed on the left, and the name of each cast and crew member were listed on the right.  The opening credits were a little more difficult however as I wanted the to have some indication of the unique selling point of my film was (That most of it would be lit by nothing but candles.) to do this I obtained a good clip that had all the candles in shot, edited its contrast settings to ensure that it was only the candles that were visible and nothing else. I then cropped the picture and move the candles to the bottom left hand side of the screen. In terms of the title (candela! – Latin for candle) I wanted the lettering to appear on fire, almost as though it is the candles that has set them alight. After looking through many videos on youtube and still not finding the effect that I wanted, without adding more plugins, I almost gave up with this idea, until I discovered that after effects has a pre-set for this effect. So I just used that.

Cropped ident

cropped opening title

Cropped end credits


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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