First I needed to do some location scouting, I knew most of the locations that I was going to use. Most of the film would be shot inside a house, and since I live in a 26 bedroom student house, there are pleanty of different rooms that were available to me. (3 kitchens 2 living rooms several bedrooms). other locations that i felt I felt I needed was a cafe space, and possibly a pub area for the dates that Bret and Alice would be going on. After finding these locations I moved onto the storyboard.

while I can not draw, (my stick me are wonky) I do have a house mate who is studying automotive design, and at a modest price of £1.50 per picture he was happy to draw them for me. this benifited greatly as it meant that the storyboard would look very good. It would also mean that I would have some visual reputation for when I moved onto the script, and because I was using a house mate, he knew what each room of the house looked like and could draw it accordingly. Next was the Script.

Now that I had the locations and the actors playing each role, the script came very easily to me, at least the first draft did. Once I finished the first draft I sent it to some fellow film makers, some specializing in script writing, others in a similar position as me. All I wanted was some feed back on the content from other professionals point of view. I also sent it to some people who were not in the film industry, this was in hopes that I could get some opinions from people who had no ‘trained thinking’. They would simply think of the conversation between the couple, not of what the film might look like, who how I might achieve individual effects. This I found to be great use as I now had two sets of feedback to work from.


Shot List

After completing the second draft script I sent it to the chosen actors, who both confirmed that they were prepared to do everything that I had ask them to do, along with agreeing to the shooting dates that I had laid out for them, This was an excellent sign and left me feeling very confident moving forward into production.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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