Shooting Day

Once again my male actor did not contact me, so I am under the assuption that I myself will have to play the role of Bret, this is a large inconvience as I wanted to be behind camera and focusing on what the shot looks like more than what my lines are or what I am supposed to be doing. However due to the face that I am already, very behind schedule, I chose to take the part of Directer, and leading male role.

After this shooting went well, I collected all the equipment and had set it up in plenty of time before Jade was to arrive 11:30. After learning that it would be me that would be playing the role, she too was sceptical about my acting ability. We began with tea to ensure that Jade could get to know te rest of the crew, myself, Wil Henry and Tom Osborn. This was a good choice as it meant that by the time we began shooting we were all comfortable enough around each other and could begin working at a casual, but efficient pace.

Jade was amazing to work with, she had memorized all of her lines perfectly and was the peak of professionalism, she was prepared to do anything that I requested and was completely comfortable adapting to any last minute changes. She was also very patient with me learning my lines, which was good as while I did write, I had not took te time to memorize them as I didn’t know I would be part of my own movie.

We finished shooting in plenty of time and even made sure that we had dinner half way between shoots, I explained to Jade that if at any point during filming she wanted a cigarette break to just inform me and we could stop shooting for a short while. She did this 3 times. Overall it was an extremely pleasant day which left me confident moving forward, and proud of both myself and my team.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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