The inspiration

The Idea for this project came to me when the internet access was cut from our. I live with 26 other people, all students, and all of whom I get along with relatively well (to varying degrees). While we often complain about the quality of our WiFi, we are forever grateful that we have it, and definitely notice when it leaves us as it did on this particular day.

Immeediately we all conveaned in the main living room area to attempt to find out what had happened, those with mobile phones and 3G attempted to email our land lady to obtain more information, and found that they had already received one from her the previous day that no one had apparently seen yet. It stated that our internet provider (Virgin) were doing some upgrades in the area and that the Wifi may be down for a couple of days.

This sparked an outcry.

The house was divided, some claimed that internet access was imperitive to the research required on their course and that they were doomed to fail if they did not get back online soon. Other with less research  based courses complained of their lack of social media, and communication with the outside world (actually going outside did not occur to them for some reason). I myself, being used to having no internet back home (My mum is not a very modern person) found it a mild inconvenience but happily settled down in front of the television while playing various time wasting games on my phone.

After the initial shock of no WiFi for two days, the house did settle, we all sat down in the living room and watched television and enjoyed occasion chatter and one of anothers company. At first. But as the hours went by and still no internet access you could feel the tention rising up again in peoples bodies. Those with shorter tempers and little patience were easily provoked. those with research to do and assignments to finished were pacing around the house continuously asking for updates on the state of the internet.

It seemed to me that this great piece of technology. Complete access to the entire World Wide Web through literally thin air, was vastly underrated, and it accrued to me, if the lack of this technology could cause so much chaos in peoples lives. what would happen if all power from the house was taken away.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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