The let down

It has been two weeks since since my male actor contacted me, and since I have to film shortly, I am not holding out much hope, I have contacted the female actress and explained the situation to her, she was very understanding however she did want to know when the filming would actually be as she had plans to go home to see her parents, and she had a holiday booked shortly too.

I asked her for her own time table and said that I would work around her, I also told her that as soon as I had found another actor I would contact her about a new shooting schedule. Luckily the actor who I had orinally contacted for this role had gotten back to me at this point, so I asked him if he was still interested and what his schedule would be like over the next month or so. He eventually got back to me and said that he was indeed still interested and that he would send his work schedule over the following day.

Below is a picture of the new actor


Once he did that I was able to look at both his, and the female actresses schedule and come up with a new plan. I emailed Jade (actress) and told her of the new plan, she was able to tell me that unfortunately it clashed with her 3 week trip home. I was gutted and perplexed at what to do. I could find a new actress and explain to Jade that, through no fault of her own, I was unable to use her any more. My sense of loyalty however intervined and I simply said that we would film once she return, although this only gave me around 3 weeks to shoot and edit my film. Some plans were put in so that I would have a shorter production time, and smoother production days. (These will be explained in a later post.)



About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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