The story

My film is about a young couple who first meet on a dating website, after exchanging message with one another for a short while they agree to meet up and go on a date. Their first date is to a small cafe where they spend their time watching videos online, and laughing together. They part ways and agree to see each other again soon, they do, but this time they go to a cinema and watch a film together. Bret walks Alice home and after standing awkwardly for a short moment he leans in to kiss her and she allows him to, after experiencing their first kiss he walks away with a smile.

The next set of shot is to show the passage of time and the development of their relationship through the use of technology. the first shot would be of Bret introducing Alice to his friends in a pub, they all sit down and share a drink together however Bret and Alice spend the entire time texting one another, despite being within talking distance. Afterwards it is a shot of Bret opening up a Christmas present from Alice and it being an iPad of some description. The third shot will be of Bret giving Alice an anniversary Ecard (electronic card that you can give someone) stating that they have been together for  4 years. The final shot of this montage is of Alice and Bret standing outside a house holding a key. Alice takes a selfie of them both while they hold the key up, they then walk inside the house together, and the camera fades to black.

The first shot of the main story is of Alice sitting on a sofa with her laptop on her knees clicking away when suddenly the lights turn off and the laptop switches off.  (now so old it cant live without being plugged in). Bret comes running down the stairs and bursts into the door and starts asking what gone on. He explains that he was playing an online game and that without the power his team will die. Alice says that the power has gone out and that she too was online, She asks Bret to go get his phone so that they can use the flash light app on it as her phone has ran out of battery. Bret sulks off to go get his phone, when he returns he attempts to place it on the desk but trips over the laptop wire, dropping his phone and smashing it on the floor. This upsets Bret.

After calling Bret some names Alice leaves the room, Bret sits down waiting for her to return, when she does she has an armful of candles. she places them on the desk and while her and Bret have some general chit chat, she lights them. once she has done that she sits down next to Bret who puts his arm around her. Then they just sit there, staring around the room, doing nothing. Bret asks Alice what she wants to do, but she doesn’t know either, without technology they are lost.

Next is a montage of Bret and Alice attempting to pass the time by doing things like building card pyrimids, or Bret doing different bits of exercise while Alice watches, but all this soon becomes boring to them and they end up snuggled on the sofa, still bored. That is, until Alice suggests a game, Bret is skeptical at first but allows Alice to explain the rules. The game she she expains is called the secret game, it is where two people simply tell each other secrets, Bret is still skeptical about this and tries to argue that after knowing each other for so long, what secrets could they possibly have from each other. This does not deter Alice and she goes on to telling Bret a secret about how before their first date 4 years ago she was so nervous she had to take a shot of vodka to calm her nerves. Bret scoffs at this secret telling Alice that it is a rubbish one.

Alice challenges Bret to come up with a better one, and after some deliberation he does. He reminds her about an event that happened around a year ago, when they were both playing an online game called Shy Vana (completely fictional), and the ‘trinkets’ that she had been collecting suddenly disappeared from her account. Bret explains that it was him that sold them, and explains that it was because she kept beating him when they played together. This makes Alice go mental, she is so angry at Bret for what he did, calling him a vast array of creative and insulting names. He tries to defend himself by telling her that she is overreacting but this has the opposite effect. She pushes him down on the sofa and starts hitting him on his chest,, her over powers her, holds her hands behind her back and kisses her passionately on the lips. This calms her greatly and she begins kissing back, then she drags him from the sofa and leave the room together.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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