The Sound

When editing the sound for for my FMP, my first worry was about all of the background noise that seemed to have generated despite shooting inside for most of the film. However, thanks to the brilliance of adobe audition, this problem was soon rectified. It was simply a matter of exporting the audio from Premier into Audition. Then highlight a small piece of audio that had just background noise in it and no dialogue whatsoever. I then got the software to isolate this sound, and remove it from the rest of the clip. This made all speech much clearer and improved the overall sound quality a great deal.

As for any sound bites I needed such as message tones or phone vibrating, I used the website, This website has a vast arrange of sound clips that are easily downloadable, and the keyword search bar is incredibly useful. The sound bites I used was a vibrating phone sound for when the Alice’s mobile phone’s battery dies. and a ringtone for each time Bret and Alice receive a new message. Other sounds I experimented with was the sound of footsteps on a set of stairs, for when Bret first enters the main living area. And a separate ringtone for when Alice or Bret receive a online message.

Finally I had to choose the music for the two seperate montage sequences that feature in my film, the first being Bret and Alice communicating at the start of the film. The second being during the ‘bored’ montage where Bret and Alice desperately try and find something entertaining to do. Both of these montages required different music to them, as each of tehm wanted to portray a different kind of feel to the audience. The first montage I wanted a more romantic and dream like feel to it, whereas the second needed to be more comedic and relaxing. So as with my trailer I went to, and throught the use of the different categorize, I found the perfect music for both of them. For the romantic montge I chose ‘Montauk Point’ and for the boredom sequence I chose a song named ‘The Builder’ I then made slight changes to the edit to ensure that they were in time with the respective music.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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