The Trailer

By the time I had almost finished editing my FMP I already had a rough idea of what I wanted the trailer for my FMP to look like. I wanted to use sound bites from the film, and overlay them over seemingly unrelated slips of the FMP, for example, I would have Alice yelling at Bret of the scene of their first date together. My theory being that this would create a contradiction in the viewers mind about what the film may be about.

I felt that this was a good technique as it would perhaps generate intrigue and curiosity among its viewers resulting in more views once the film itself was released. I feel that I succeeded in this plan, as the trailer makes it appear a more dark and mysterious thriller, and not about two people having an argument over candle light. I also wanted the music to fit with the ‘thriller’ theme, so I went to I went through their listing of free music until I found one that I was happy with. I eventually chose ‘Tempting Secrets’ as not only did it have a dark feel to its sound, but it also seems to flow at the same pace as the rough cut trailer I had already edited. Resulting in less time being wasted.

Along with the sound I had to write the typography for the trailer as well. I did not want the typography to be the main focus of the trailer, so I opted to keep it simple. Plain white writing stating who the director was and allowing a space for my ident, which I would add in later. For the end of my trailer I chose the same introduction to the actual film, feeling that some form of continuity would be appealing to the audience.

Finally with regard to the trailer. When editing the clips, at first, I put the Contrast to its maximum setting creating a sort of infared effect onto the clips. However after getting al round bad feedback from this, I changed it back to its original settings. There was also an issue with the setting I had exported it with, however this was easily fixed my re-exporting it.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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