For me this part of the module posed great difficulty, the main reason for this was that I had no idea what an electronic press kit was. However after some research into the mattter, and with a little help from moodle. I was soon feeling confident that I could do this work to a high standard.

An EPK is a collection of documents in regards to your short film that is often used by film festivals and film critics for the purpose of advertising the film. It includes

  • A Cover Sheet.
  • Key Information – This will include name, genre, length, format and year produced.
  • Directors Statement.
  • Biography of all cast and crew.
  • Production stills.

The brief specified no particular format for my FMP, it only said that I had to reference an url in my submission. So I decided to create a Website for my film, and place my EPK on their. The reasons for this was that in the future a website looks more professional, and the website would also be a good place to put my professional practice portfolio.

My cover sheet was something that I wanted to keep simple So I decided to take a screen shot of my opening title sequence, I then added to add my own name as the director, and include a solar flare effect to make it appear almost like it was on fire. To do this I used the website which is a fantastic website where you can easily edit images with various effects.

The easiest way that I could think of to create the technical information spreadsheet, was to create a word document featuring it. The next problem I encountered was how to get the the word document onto the website, I could have simply uploaded the file and allowed any visitors to then downloaded the file and view it that way. However I didn’t want to do this as it may cause inconvenience to the viewer, So instead I took a screen capture of the document, placed it in the photo editing website mentioned earlier. Cropped all the unnecessary information from the picture, and then added it to the website as a picture. This worked wonders as it meant that viewers of the website could easily see the technical information without having to download any documents.

My Directors statement was simple, I had a lot to say about the project, most of it good, and it also gave me the opportunity to express why I made the film in the first place.

In regards to the biography of all cast and crew, I wanted to do it as an almost questionaire for each of my cast and crew. This would mean that the maximum amount of information was put across with as fewer words as possible. Making it an overall more pleasant experience for the reader.

The questions I asked were:

  • Name?
  • Age?
  • Years in the industry?
  • Favorite film?
  • Feelings about this project?

In my eyes this covered all the information about each member of my team that was relevant to for the reader.

My production still were an easy choice, I wanted to choose ones that showed both Bret and John as their relationship developed. I also chose stills from before and after the lights went out, showing the variety of lighting styles.

This is a link to my EPK.!electronicpresskit/ckjy

And this is a PDF copy

Electronic Press kit pdf


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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