Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on my FMP and related trailer is that while I did encounter many problems during the production stage, the final project is something that I can be proud of.


  1. Good length – The film is not so long that the audience will lose attention after a short while, yet at the same time it is not so short that there is little story, or too few a things happening.
  2. Lighting – This is something that I was concerned about having not had a large amount of experience in this area, however I feel that I created the desired effect and have taken away new knowledge and wisdom about the importance of good lighting.
  3. Trailer – While the trailer may not portray the true feel or genre of the Short film, it does create an air of interest and intrigue. Enticing people to watch  the film
  4. Continuity – Continuity is a specialty of mine, and is something that I strive to ensure in each one of my films. While I did cut out some scenes and sequences is this film, I still managed to ensure a great deal of continuity throughout.


  1. Loss of message – While I did try to keep the theme of technology running throughout the film, I feel that due to the postponed shooting date, I was unable to film everything that I wanted. Therefore unable to show just how much the couple relied on technology to socialize.
  2. Acting – The fact that I myself was forced to act in my own film is a big negative in my eyes. I feel it would have been much more beneficial to have me behind the camera at all times to ensure that the shot was accurate to my vision.
  3. Date scene – The very first montage was not what I desired it to be, I wanted it to be much longer and show the development of Bret and Alice as a couple. However due to actors not turning up, I was rushed for time and therefore had to comprimise.

If I was to do the project again, I would still use the same actress as she was very professional and punctual. However I myself would not be in the film, and I would also probably use a completely different story. In terms of whether or not I feel I pushed myself, I feel that I did, but only through one aspect of filming, The lighting. Havin to film in the dark and using Dedo light to recreate candle flicker was by far the biggest challenge of this film, and to some degree, the only challenge. The editing I had all done similar techniques before, I just had to use the same effect to a greater or lesser degree. The pre-productio also was pretty much the same as before, except the addition of a floor plan that I had to create in order to give the DOP and runner some idea of where to place the lights and camera’s.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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