Career Path 2nd AD

After being a 3rd AD you may get promoted to 2nd AD. You primary role as 2nd assistant director is to assist the 1st, this could be by creating the call sheet and getting it signed off, getting any and all talent to where they need to be, whether that be the make up department, on set, or back at their trailer. The 2nd AD is also considered to be the voice between the production office and the set it is there job to ensure that everyone knows what their job is and what they are having to do on the respective day.

The qualities that are needed to be a 2nd AD, while similar to those of a 3rd AD to differ slightly. The 2nd AD’s skill set relies more on organization, paper work, and the delegation of jobs. And while they do need strong communication skills it is more about having a good understanding of scheduling and time management.

Time Management is very important for a 2nd AD as he will often me rescheduling daily routines for the 1st AD, he will also be in charge of getting the talent to where they need to be and on time, he will also have to communicate with the other departments to ensure that they all know what is expected of them.

Another role that the 2nd AD has to perform is the delegation of jobs, this is mainly required on shoots where one person plays more than one role, if that person is you then it is occasionally except-able  to transfer some of your responsibilities to other member of the team such as the production assistants or interns.

It is vital for a 2nd AD to have strong communication skills, at any one time you could be communicating with many different departments at any one time. You have to ensure that your 1st AD is aware of where the talent and the background talent is at all times. He must know when the talent should be in makeup and  when they will be finished. A 2nd AD must be focused at all times and should be relaying accurate information to the correct people.



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My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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