Career path Director

You’ve finally made it, adter years of helping other acheive their dream its now your turn, youve paid your dues as a runner. You’ve worked with extra’s as 3rd AD, you’ve handled the main talent as 2nd AD and you’ve dealt with all the paper work as 1st AD. But now its your turn, its your dream, you and only you are now the director.

But what exactly does a director do, on your journey to this role you would have worked with many different directors, all of whom have their own idea what a director does. Some will spend hours analyzing  every little detail of the script, others will concentrate more on the quality of acting, the way their talent moves, facial expressions, positioning. Other you may find generally concentrate on the camerawork, the way the characters are positioned in shot, the depth of field. the lighting. The truth is, every director is different, and only with experience will you be able to discover the type of director you are.

Not only does the director need to be creative, focused and organized. He also needs to be flexible in order to deal with any unforeseen changes on the shoot. He will need to be authoritative to ensure that he gets the best out of his crew, while at the same time listen to their suggestions and be able to create a good rapport with any new crew or talent he meets.

The skills that you will need to be a director are all those that the AD’s needed and more, over the past, how ever many years, it has taken you to get to this point, you should have honed these skills, mastered them, turn them into your own personal weapon against the film making process.


About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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