As mentioned in the previous post, linkedin is designed to keep in touch with others in your chosen profession. With this in mind I went searching for people I could perhaps learn from, or perhaps gain work through.

The simplest thing to do in linked in is to search through those who list their job as director. You do have to be careful here though as there are many different types of director that have little to do with film making. Below are a list of the people I added and contacted on Linked in.

Richard wood – Richard is a local freelancer who has worked in the industry for over 1 years. He has worked as an AD for both television productions and feature films.

cropped contact 4



Peter woodbridge – Peter has worked on a range of digital media projects for companies and organisations including the BBC, BT, HEFCE, United Nations, NHS and many more.


Silvia Bellito – Silvia is currently a production manager for Breakneck films, and has had experience in script supervising and being a line producer.

cropped contact 2


Carol Hallows – Carol is a freelance director while also having her own production crew, she specialists in advertisements however has had experience in both feature and short films.


Barnaby Fletcher – Barnaby has a wide variety of experience having started working in the industry at a young age. He has worked on Short film, documentaries music videos as well as some private events around the UK.

cropped contact 1




About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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