Proffesional Networks

Another sector in  this module is becoming part of some of the online networks available to me as an aspiring director. These networks vary from website to website, but it is always useful to be an active member of as many as possible. This is because the more times people see your name, and your work, the more likely they are to remember. Also, if you put your work on one of these websites, it is a good way to get feedback from industry professionals.

The websites that I have joined are all useful to me but for very different reasons.

I’ve joined:
UK Film Network

All of these websites are designed for industry professionals, and I am an active member of all three. The reasons that I have joined these network sights specifically are all very different.


cropped star now for example is a great place to get actors and crew members to work on your project. You can get a lot from this website without having to upgrade your account. It is also a great way to show off your work experience, and the variety of the work you do. While the website is mainly used for actors, by posting a listing on the website, and the list of roles that you need filling, actors will contact you applying to be in your film.

cropped film network#

The UK film network however is a better place to get feedback on your work, their facebook page is a great place to put examples of you work, and have real media professionals give you feedback. It is also a great place to meet other director and film makers who are also trying to get into the business. Finally I have used this network to compare my work to others, this has benefited me as not only have I learned how to improve my own work, but it can also give me inspiration on the type of film I may want to make next.

cropped linked in


Finally there is linkedin, this website is designed for all types of industry specialists, it features jobs, other networks, pieces of work users have submitted. I mainly use it however for the contacts you can gain using the site. Not only can I be kept up to date with my fellow students, but I can also contact people much further along in their career path than I am, and ask for their insight on how I can improve my chances of getting into the industry. While some do not reply, if only 1 does, then I can use that information to great use.




About Each Moment Matters

My name is Paul Doughty and I am in my final year of a BA in Media Production.
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